237 Blank Petition

To obtain a blank petition for Sunset Lodge click on the icon below. You must have Adobe Reader or Microsoft Edge installed on your PC to view and print the petition. You can at your option, fill the petition out online and save to your PC.  Print the petition front and back on the same sheet of paper and give to petitioner to sign and date. This may require some manual intervention with your printer. A petition printed with front and back on separate sheets will not be accepted


I have had some recent petitions turned in for me to read that were not submitted complete. Some things to remember when presenting a petition to the Secretary:

1.       Must have the FULL first and middle name
2.       Must have the required fee $300 or $150 with petition and $150 prior to initiation.
3.       Need the years resided at the addresses given
4.       Need former addresses (2 max)
5.       Need the email [no exception on this]
6.       Need recommenders info completed including email

Please keep these items in mind and review the petition before you turn it in to the Secretary. Incomplete petitions will be returned to the recommender for corrections before being read to the Lodge.